back at it again with the owl refs

Or maybe not. I can only handle so many puns, guys, you’re gonna have to cut me a bit of slack.

The year was 2017. The class, Networked Narratives. The blog, something I came up with at like 2 am that’s kind of my brand now.

Or maybe it’s not.


Anyway, welcome to part two, the unexpected sequel. Real talk, I had no idea I’d registered for NetNarr again until I got the email 5 mins before class.


Since it’s just the first week, I’m not gonna make this blog post crazy extensive. Grad school things n’ all, y’know.

But I’ll point out the Internet Maps we made in class and talk about that a bit!


As you can see, I pretty much mapped out my internet experience as a series of tunnels, in which I just… kept… digging a deeper hole for myself, so to speak.

I love how the corner of the page where it says “FanFic Sites” is just… darker than the rest because of the lighting.

Ain’t that… accurate…

Anyway long story short I’ve been On The Internet since middle school and I don’t know what the sun is anymore. Who goes outside these days? Not I.

(that’s a whole lie i was in the city like 2-3 days ago hitting up a korean pub with some friends sEE I’M SOCIAL-)

Also regarding the internet…

I don’t have the tape over my webcam like we briefly talked about in class / on the first NetNarr post. I feel like I probably should, and maybe I’ll throw a sticker on there one day soon. Particularly considering I watched this one episode of Black Mirror last week… season 3… pretty hecked up… if you watch the show I’m sure you know which one I’m talking about. Big yikes, man.

Honestly, idk what any FBI agent watching me would find that would be incriminating??? “Oh, she makes faces when she writes”, “Yikes, she’s always on Ao3” (which, first of all, false, because I read on my phone smh), “How many songs did she download???”

Regarding the last one, relax FBI friend, I’m switching to Apple Music soon, so like, you can chill.

I think… That’ll be it for the time being… As for twitter, y’all can hit me up at @masoochwrites. I’ve used it for a few blogs in the past so that’s where my past NetNarr stuff is, as well!

WELP. See y’all in class then!




  1. We love having your narrative voice back in NetNarr, y’all! The tunnels image is a great metaphor, it reminds me of the mode of the first video games a la DonkeyKong.

    And I know the Black Mirror episode you are talking about. It was surreal-ly almost real. We discussed last year the one about people getting rated all the time (Nosedive). That series could almost be our textbook.

    Owls are back! Stay on brand.


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