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I’m… just gonna apologize right out the door. Though, confusedly, a bit. I hadn’t realized that the blog posts for our class are due Sunday night, not Monday night. I’ll get my act together in the upcoming weeks.



No, not maybe. I’ll do it.

Okay, so. Gonna hit a few things tonight. And by a few I mean I’m planning on hitting two, and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Three. After writing the first part, I’m realizing I wanna add another part, so I’m moving the first part to become the second part, and adding


as the first part.

So, alchemy. Last week I linked back to the first post of my 2017 blog where I went off about all the different references to alchemy I know in my life. I’m gonna link to last week’s blog here. Gotta make you do some work if you wanna read it.

Last week in class we annotated Alan’s post on alchemy, and I made a few comments (shocking, I know) where I, again, linked to that first blog post as well as talked about the alchemy elements in video games that I know of, most notably Amnesia: The Dark Descent, where Aqua Regia, which was mentioned in the video we watched, “Inside the Mind of an Alchemist,” was used to make an acid to progress in the game. Now, I never got that far in the game because I am a smol bab who is scared of the wind, but lots of Let’s Players on YouTube did…

Anyway. Alchemy. Science magic. Really cool.

The Darkness

Let’s be real–the whole world is messed up, the internet even more so. People are watching you, Big Brother is real, the bees are dying…

If anything, all those dystopian books and post-apocalyptic video games (I’m finally playing Fallout: New Vegas. Y’all, it’s great. I’m That Courier that plays the radio during inappropriate situations. Heartaches by the Number, anyone?) have prepared me to expect everything and be surprised by nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I was plenty surprised by the ending of the Hang the DJ episode of Black Mirror, but…

The FBI is tracking me? I’ll bet. I can put a sticker over my laptop cam, but I can’t stop it otherwise.

Complacency isn’t great, I know, but… what can I do? I don’t wanna spend all my time freaking out about how the government is out for us all. I wanna live my life and write my dang fanfics and go to my dang concerts (just bought tix to see queen lee sunmi and i’m still crying) and no Big Brother Black Mirror BS is gonna stop me.

Enjoy my AO3 history, US gov.

(I think I already talked about this last week but……… guess I still got a lot of pent up feels about it all. Honestly, if there’s a chance for me to be less complacent, by all means, let’s go.)

But anyway.

We were tasked this week to check out @hypervisible on Twitter and check out his posts, particularly this one. I scrolled a bit (a lot), and after expressing outrage to my lovely classmate about this reply, I found this:

Cam girl site uses facial recognition to match users’ photographs to performers



Oh n o.

It’s a short article so… y’all can check it out.

I just.

I need to sort out my thoughts on this because I dunno where to start.

Let’s start with the fact that a Belgian cam site got a hold of fancy facial recognition technology from Microsoft (I’m curious but also don’t wanna know how).

Facial recognition used to seem so futuristic. Something government agencies used to find criminals. Now it’s on Facebook, Snapchat, all other manner of social media…

and now on cam sites.

Honestly, truthfully, I have nothing against cam sites. Do you, y’all. (Just be safe, pls I beg.)

Putting aside the overall cringe and invasion of privacy of thinking that a stranger (or someone you know, YIkes) could be using a picture of you to Find Their Perfect Cam Person (it’s 2019 y’all, c’mon), it’s… it almost… could be compared to a certain sub-genre of fan fiction, Self-Insert. Kind of. Maybe.

Alright, bear with me here jfdklsjflk;;;

Self-Inserts are (generally but not always romantic) stories that could go one of two ways, as far as I understand them: 1) where you, the reader, are the main character who gets together (in whatever form) with whatever other character in the story (written in second person); or 2) where original characters (OCs) are created sometimes but not always in the likeness of the author with the purpose of getting together with whatever character.

Y’all there’s like a whole science to fanfic I should make this a regular thing… talking about this, I mean. Idk it’s fun for me.

So… again, barring the cringe, the two… could be compared conceptually… Particularly when you consider the amount of agency (y’all don’t know how long it took me to remember the word agency, oof, but when I did, O O F) the individual has with the medium (whether it’s picking a cam or a fic).

I think. I’ll stop there. On this topic.

Before I dig. A deeper grave. For myself.

*cough co-



Aside from the DDA we did in class together, I did two others this week: DDA246 and DDA249. See below~

Both were fun to do, but I want to talk about DDA249, and the site

I was a little skeptical with the description, felt like it wasn’t going to be anything special.

But oh. Was I wrong.

It starts off like this:

Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 20.45.59

I don’t really know how to describe what it was like to watch the clips of these barely (if at all) seen YouTube videos. They were just… glimpses into people’s lives around the world. I was watching the clips flutter by, one by one, while I was at work (don’t tell my boss pls), and it was… well I used a form of the word entrancing in my tweet and… that’s exactly it. It almost made me emotional, just wondering what these videos were for, who took them, what they meant, because obviously they mean something to someone, y’know?

Kids presenting a school project, badminton practice, industrial machines doing their thing…

a Korean person attempting to hook up their Airpods to their laptop via Bluetooth so they could watch anime (the hangul said 블레임 aka “blame” so I googled and lo and behold here she is) on Netflix even tho they were kinda struggling and kept flipping the camera to film vertical.

It… it made my day. Not just that video, but. The idea of the site itself. It was almost relaxing, watching all those clips of people’s lives fly by. People’s stories.

Kinda got me thinking of it like windows, actually. I know the site has the concept of “you’re an astronaut looking down on earth” but I see it more like we’re just… looking through a window to another person’s life.

Consensually, that is. Unlike SOME PEOPLE ( @@@@@ THE FBI AS I GLARE AT MY WEB CAM ).

So yeah. If you ever just wanna kill a half hour, I even linked it again for ya, so there’s no excuse.

Okie dokie. I think that’ll be all for this week. See y’all in SIX DAYS WHEN I POST ON SUNDAY.


G’night, friends.


P.S. – I’m… gonna see if I can set up a music playlist on this blog… Then I can throw all the music I link to there. That’ll be fun. Mostly for me. Bonus points if it keeps playing uninterrupted if I navigate to other pages on the blog.



  1. That face recognition thing is CRAZY! My friends and I were just talking about this topic during the week. I always had my suspicions about Snapchat anyway.🤔 Lastly, that music playlist would be awesome! *Crossing my fingers hoping it works!*

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