hello from the dystopian present

Alright. Remember last week when I said that I’d get everything together for this week? Haaaa oops.

Also ha ha ha don’t you just Love when you fall asleep writing a post and wake up past its deadline? Haaaa yeah.

So! We’ll kinda breeze through what we gotta do this week. This chickadee wants to snooze.


The first two activities that we have to do for this week are very Me-centered.

The Data Detox Kit wants you to log out of all (and it means all) of your social media and other accounts on your device. Which, if you’re rather connected to the web on a daily basis, is kind of an annoying prospect.

Particularly if you’re the kind of lazyass person who doesn’t remember their password and oftentimes either just doesn’t log out of accounts or logs into accounts by resetting the password.

Honestly, I may grumble (I will grumble) but I think I’m in need of a detox. I’m looking forward to going through these 8 days. I’m curious to see if it will impact me a lot, particularly in the realm of how I go about leaving a digital footprint around the web

And speaking of that web and that footprint, we were also tasked with watching the first episode of the Do Not Track documentary series.

I could tell there was something slightly off about the episode, but didn’t realize it until it asked me to input information. Interesting that a series boasting about helping internet users get rid of their traces on the internet… by asking for bits of information.

It was impressive, particularly when they displayed my hometown to kinda “prove” how easy it was to find information on my computer. But then it fell flat when it said I was using a PC. Nope, Chrome Book, tee hee hee.

But a lot of the documentary’s site is kinda playing on that fear of being tracked. At one point, it says something along the lines of, “Yes, do not track is tracking you.”

I’m intrigued to see where the rest of the documentary will go regarding this topic.

Tis I, Masooch of Twt

I boast most of the time about how often I’m on Twitter.  If I haven’t done that recently on here, well… I’m on Twitter all the time. There we go.It’s not what you think, though. I’m almost exclusively on one of my other accounts, one that’s heavily seated in the stan twitter community and ain’t coming out any time soon.

Anyway, here’s the Analysis of my Twitter account for this class.

Screenshot 2019-02-05 at 16.45.15Screenshot 2019-02-05 at 16.46.46

As you can see, I’m not particularly active on this account. Shrug. I generally get all my news and such while I’m on my other account. But anyway. I think the Hostnames of URLs is an interesting section because it shows the other sites I’ve linked to, namely, my blogs from past classes, Owls Are People Too for 2017 NetNarr and Masooch Writes for last semester’s Electronic Literature class. (Check out the latter for fun stuff, including when I started creating my own e-lit piece that I may or may not use for my thesis. Who knows?)

I think what’s additionally interesting about the Analysis site is that you can shove whatever account you want into it. It doesn’t have to be your own. For giggles, I looked at BTS’ twitter because I can’t control myself and it hit me all at once that this was the kind of “trivial” information that ThE gOvErNmEnT and BiG cOmPaNiEs get out of us on a daily basis. I’m sure it’s more than just this, but the concept is similar, I think. It felt almost… invasive… seeing all the little details about their twitter… who they tweet at… when they tweet… etc. etc.

[[It’s funny lol… bangtan have had tracks that are pretty decidedly anti-establishment, even from very early in their career (be kind @ that first mv i beg) and one of the members is very you don’t need college it’s okay to not have a dream boo capitalism (except during monopoly then he’s cutthroat). Anyway. Could just seem like teen-rage-fueled anti-authority blah blah, but… well, that’s step 1 to realizing the adult world is kinda terrible, ain’t it?]]

Anyway! Very enlightening, that Analysis site. I dig it.

Alright, 1.5 more things before I call it a night.

1.5 More Things (and both are about music)

Firstly, one of the DDAs from this week, #253, was a throwback to one from the first NetNarr class, DDA35. I feel like I should defend myself, because I kinda just……… quote tweeted that past tweet LOL………..

The thing is. Even though my response is still the same, there’s been a lot of change since, particularly since I was able to see hyukoh live. Sometimes you just find a band or a song that just sticks with you, and over the years you could associate it with a particular era of your life, a change, and then its through that association that turns your pure enjoyment of the band/song to one touched with nostalgia.

… it’s 3 am I’m just gonna drop these links and go.

I couldn’t find a fan cam of the year I saw hyukoh perform, but here’s a cam of their 2018 tour (that I wasn’t able to go to and I’m still sad about):

Also! It came to my attention that the link in my QRT (quote retweet) might’ve been broken? Not sure completely, but here’s the link to that animated video again:

Y’all, I just… love hyukoh lol…

Undertale, too, but oof hyukoh stuck with me more.

[Fun fact, the band’s front man, Oh Hyuk, has an instagram for his dog. You’re welcome.]

Alright! One final thing! I mentioned last post that I wanted to make a playlist for this blog. Welp. Guess what I did while I was at work?

THERE SHE IS. I’ll be updating her every week (just added 3 songs in now from this post). I’m gonna test further to see if I can set it as a widget on the side of the blog so it appears on every page no problem, but for the time being, it’s gonna chill under The Fun Stuff tab found under the header!

I also made one for my last NetNarr blog. Pored through all those posts and made that playlist. Good times.

Alright. Now I’m done. I’m going to bed. Enjoy these rad jams.



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