[ten-year-old voice] sNOW DAY

[aka How Many Girl Group Songs Can Masooch Link In One Post.]

Oh whaaaaaat we had a week off from class, wowie. As such, this’ll be a short post, where I’ll just be recapping the DDAs I did, plus other comments and such, yadda yadda yadda.

Let’s jump right in.

… … … …

Hello, it’s over 18 hours later, during which I had a whole adventure and went to a whole concert and nearly missed a train and crashed hard on the couch for about 6 of those hours and now it’s 5 am and I have yoga in 4 hours.

Life catches up to you like that.

Makes for a great story, but it’s not great for deadlines.

So anyway, I was able to peep in on the Studio Visit with Anne-Marie Scott last week during our snow day. I’ll expose myself, haha. Sorry for not showing my face. Ya gurl is shy.

I really liked helterskelliter‘s perspective during the visit, as she was of the opinion that yes the internet is a dark and #problematic place, but it’s a space where there is so much potential and possibility for self-expression and exploration that, were it handled as such, as an open and collaborative community as opposed to a space where Those In Power wanna control or monitor just to figure out how to make a quick(er) buck… well… it’d be a lot better place, put simply.

Anyway, go check out her post on the visit. It’s really insightful.


For the DDAs, this week I did # 258, 263, and 264. And boy are we gettin’ fandom-y. Kinda.

Firstly, disemvoweling is fun. It’s like a code, but one by deletion as opposed to rearrangement or replacement.

Since alchemy is our trending theme, I jumped back 8ish years to my beginning YouTube days full of Amnesia playthroughs and reaction videos [note, this clip is A Classic™ (to me, at least) but tw: scary images & cursing! Be wary, kids!] again because ya gurl loves Amnesia: The Dark Descent and y’know, maybe it’s a theme for this class.

The internet’s so dark you wanna forget it exists. Plus, alchemy.

Nailed it.

So anyway, snagged this quote from one of the notes in the game, found here. For convenience’s sake (or is it just convenience sake ?), here’s the full text:

This is my third attempt to produce artificial Vitae. The former compounds lacked the potency I need, but I sense I’m close. Calamine and Orpiment are a given and the Cuprite binds them well. This time I will attempt Aqua Regia instead of Aqua Fortis in hope it will produce a more even solution.

I… don’t think I ever got this far in the game honestly. I just scoured Amnesia’s wiki for quotes about alchemy fjdksljkl I am a whole Fraud.


As for DDA # 263, I’m sure there needs to be a bit of explanation. So. I was originally gonna do a picture of an owl or the landscape pic that’s my header at the top of this page, but then I found this pic that I had saved on my computer of mY GIRLFRIEND a character from League of Legends… wait for it… remodelled as a member of a fictional Kpop group.


K/DA is great, okay? We love a girl group. (I’m a Fraud again, tho, because I played LoL for like 10 minutes back in the day and said Heck This.) POP/STARS is a bop.

(Plus, two the members of girl group (G)IDLE voiced Ahri and Akali, so I was Living.)

Anyway, I found that pic in my folder, thought it’d look cool pixelated, and well shucks I was right.

(Fun fact: my friend gave me Akali’s face mask in that pic for Christmas heeehehehhehehhehhehehe)


Aiight let’s get Less Weird and more Throwback-y with the Don’t Push The Red Button game from Back In The Day. I’m talkin… like… elementary school, y’all. I was but a fetus.

Oof, flashback to when I would play online games like this in my neighbor’s basement because my computer’s internet speed was Positively Abhorrent.

O O F, another flashback to me showing this game to my baby cousin and her getting upset because one of the lines in the game is the button telling you there is no god.

She was like 7, I don’t blame her. Bless her heart. Now she’s in college. I’m diSGUSTED HOW OLD SHE IS.

Anyway anyway anyway, we love defying direct instructions from text under a big alluring red button. The snark from early games like this paved the way for games like Stanley Parable. Sniff. Holds a special place in my heart.

Aiight. It’s currently 5:37 and I need to sLEEP.

I dunno hOW I’m getting to yoga, but we wiLL FIND OUT.




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  1. “Since alchemy is our trending theme, I jumped back 8ish years to my beginning YouTube days full of Amnesia playthroughs and reaction videos…”

    Oh, man. Is this what Dr. Zamora meant by “Darkness”? I’ve totally misunderstood. I should talk about Fatal Frame and Silent Hill series in my blog posts from now on. I love that reaction video, by the way. Though, it gets older by each year. Hopefully it doesn’t get taken down.

    Great post!


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