field guide attempt 0.2

So last week, we talked about selfies. Had a whole debate about selfie culture and validation and narcissism yadda yadda yadda crazy millennials blah.

So for this week’s field guide post, I went searching for some modern takes (as in, like, last week or something) on selfie culture. Something aside from the “all millennials are narcissistic” narrative.

Didn’t find exactly what I wanted, but I’m pretty sure I found something better.

My search brought me to this video, “Selfies, Millennials, and Narcissism”a little on the nose, tbhwhich led me to a video series by The New Yorker called Annals of Obsession.

Obsession is a large proponent of people’s internet usage, and it comes in many forms. Exploring those different forms, I believe, is the purpose of this series.

One episode that I thought was incredibly interesting was “The Eternal Allure of Personality Tests,” which talks about how people seek to be labelled and identified. I can agree with that. Someone (or something) telling you who and what you are can be a comfort, but it’s best to remember that a lot of these tests’ results are vague enough that anyone can apply them to themselves.

Though I say this, I’ll proudly still call myself a Libra, Year of the Dog, INFP, Gryffindor.

But anyway. I’d say the Darkness Level is 8.

AAAAAAAAND I just reread the instructions for this week’s field guide post. Soooo… let’s pretend that didn’t happen and just have a little further chat about selfies.

I’m pretty open about people’s means of self-expression. Honestly, if it’s safe for you and others, who am I to stop you?

Alright, but… there’s already an unhealthy obsession with social media in the world.

… I didn’t type that.

No, I did.

I didn’t type that either.

Wahh, she’s a genius.

Aiight, I’ll bite, who are you?



… sorry.

Just call me Joy. I’m gonna play Devil’s Advocate here.

Why tho.

Because I feel like it. Let’s just go.

Allllright. Joy. Yeah, there’s obsession on the internet, like that video series points out, but in moderation, most things are harmless.

Most things, you say. Moderation, you say. Lots of people adhere to neither, so… Where’s the line?

That’s… fair, I guess. I suppose the extreme cases where an obsession completely takes over a person’s life to the point that it becomes unhealthy… that’s the line. But we’re off track. Selfies. I wouldn’t say this culture is 100% narcissistic. Sometimes you just need some validation. And as long as—

As long as it’s in moderation. You just circled back.

… Then that’s it, I guess. Anything goes as long as it’s healthy. Sure not everyone adheres to that but… that’s still it.

Fair enough.

So. That’s it, then?

I’d say so.

Alright cool.

Cool. I’m gonna just… go—

Yeah, get off my blog.


And there we have it, I guess! See y’all next time with another Attempt!


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