itsa me

(don’t worry i can say that; i’m italian)

Selfie culture was the topic this week, and I’m pretty sure I made my position clear in the field guide attempt I just posted, but I’ll sum up: You do you, boo. As long as you’re not hurting yourself or others with whatever it is you’re doing, be it selfies or any other obsession the world can come up with nowadays, be healthy, be safe, have fun.

As for kids overusing social media… It would seem that there are some who think that young teens don’t have a lot to worry about or say, so why would they need fake instagrams or other sort of closed-circuit social media? There are definite pros and cons (a lot of cons…) to kids being on social media, I’m not denying that. What concerns me, though, is the ignorance adult generations seem to have regarding their kids’ interests, problems, and complexities. Too often have I seen parents brush off their kids’ issues with the excuse that “they’re kids and they have so much, so they have nothing to worry about.”

But! That’s just my opinion.

Keeping with the theme of selfies, let’s go right into the

The #SelfieUnselfie Project

so. The #SelfieUnselfie Project. Feel free to follow that link for more info. In the meanwhile, let’s have a chat about these two pics here.

Selfie: I generally don’t take selfies often, and when I do, they’re generally gross faces or deadpanned reactions to send to my friends. It’s on a rare occasion that I’m feeling myself enough for a Nice Selfie. Technically, I wasn’t feeling myself that day, but I was playing around with the filters and this cute one came up, so I said, What the hell? and kept it. I’m… not sure that I would post it on social media, as that’s not really My Thing, but I would send it to friends in group chats, maybe put it on an instagram story. I suppose then that my followers, upon seeing this picture, would think that I felt cute that day, felt especially good about myself. I’d like that to be my message, in a way, with just a simple picture.

Unselfie: This one might actually be easier to explain than the Selfie picture. I make it a point to display my interests in whatever way that I can, particularly in as intimate a space as my room. There’s a lot of color in my room, a lot going on, lots of different little elements that you might miss unless you really look. I like to think that’s me, as well. Lots of facets but cohesive, scattered but in a charming way. The “decorations” I put up (both in my room and on those pin bags on the doorknob) range from Nice Posters and (unfortunately) Expensive Pins to cup holders, ribbons, pretty shopping bags, old concert tickets… Call me a pack rat, but… it’s not as much the things that I hold onto, but the memories, the experiences. Both are large facets of what make me me, and it’s nice to look at these little things and remember standing in the rain for a coffee shop event… or tying a fancy purple ribbon to my bag for a concert… or staying up to the early hours making crafts with a friend. All that clutter and mess is made up of memories, and those memories essentially made me.

Wow. That. Did end up being longer. Sorry if those are too long to be artist’s statements. In the end, I had fun with this, having to dig through files to find a decent selfie (bc i look like a gremlin today) then camping outside my door to take an artsy room picture…

Alright, that’s enough of that! Let’s move on to


I’ll briefly chat about the DDAs I did this week, then you’re FREE TO GO.

For DDA277… I don’t have a pet, unfortunately, but I felt like my first teddy bear, aptly named Teddy (short for Theodore Oswald), had something to say. Poor lil friend. He knows I still love him, but he’s just being dramatic.

(None of y’all are allowed to clown me about all my stuffed animals, including lil Kyubey back there. Watch Madoka Magica, y’all. It’s a treasure and its closing theme is THE ONLY SONG. Stan Kalafina.)

For the record, I used imgflip to put the text on the picture. As I did for…

…this mess for DDA275. Honestly, I have nothing else to say about this, except I wonder how much more I will continue to expose myself. *looks to sky*

Anyway, please feed us. We’re trapped in here with no way out. I haven’t seen the sun in years.

(I updated my fic i started in 2011 r u proud of me it’s 100k words and only halfway done why am i doing this)

And finally, for DDA274, I revived my old alchemist friend, Euphemia Fabulae, first introduced back in the day here. It was fun going back in time a bit. Will I use Euphie again as I did in the past? Or will some mysterious Joypzapuh (Joy for short) take the spotlight instead?

We’ll see…

Alrighty. I think that’ll be all from–

Oh… Oh, I said last week that I was gonna talk about “instagram” this week, didn’t I?

Did I? Yikes. Oh. Oh, this is awkward.

Welp. We’ll be pushing that off. Maybe I’ll do a standalone post about it. In the meantime, take another few DEAN songs as an apology. No analysis here, I just like ’em. They’ll all be on the Spotify playlist btw, if you’re curious!

Alright, now I’m done.

G’night, everyone!


EDIT: GOOD MORNING FRIENDS. The sun is bright but a Ms. Lee Sunmi is brighter in her new single “Noir” that dropped earlier this morning. Fans (including ME) are blown away by her commentary on the emptiness and obsession with social media, which COINCIDENTALLY is a big ol’ topic of ours, ain’t it? uGH it’s such a powerful music video, even without the English subtitles.

When I rant about “instagram” I’ll make sure to rant about this song, as well.

[[Content Warning: depictions of bodily injury]]

wow i can’t wait to see her in concert next week i love her so much stan sunmi y’all

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