field guide attempt 0.3

Ah yes, the biggest meme trend that I have vehemently subscribed to.

Self-deprecation and destruction.

Which is why I nearly cackled out loud when I saw Why millennials are making memes about wanting to die in the list of additional meme info sources on the meme page in NetNarr’s Book of Stuff.

Reading through it, the first thing that caught my eye was Dadaism. So, firstly, shout out to Kelli. Please see her and her posts for more intelligent commentary and analysis on the subject. This is her thing, man.

But yeah, definitely check out the whole article. It makes a whole lot of sense and has me realizing that the jokes my friends and I regularly make (perhaps to a worrying degree, outside looking in?) aren’t new and are just a product of repetitive history and nihilism.

Before I scamper off for St. Patrick’s Day festivities, allow me to point out one quote from the article that also caught my eye.

Millennials — who were born and raised on the internet and produce and consume much of their culture there — have had our whole lives characterized by economic anxiety.

The sentiment is a Big Mood, but “born and raised on the internet” is what got me, just in relation to a thread I recently retweeted regarding the subject. I suggest you read the whole thread:

Ya gurl loves dichotomy. A comment to the thread also talks about how the fast pace of development and obsolescence led the age group being more prone to nostalgia, even though the object of that nostalgia could’ve been only a few years previous.

It’s a bit of a jump from this talk of memes, but I thought it’d be something interesting to bring up.

I think that’ll be enough for this post! I’ll have the main one up later today. Happy St. Patty’s Day!


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  1. What’s with this correlation between millennials and suicide I keep seeing all the time? Poor kids. I somewhat expect to type in “suicidal synonym” into the google search and get “millennial” as a result… wait, is that a thing already? I remember reading something about people on YouTube, the content creators, developing potential mental problems over time (possibly not as harsh as it sounds though), and it relates to the way the platform is structured. In fact, the entirety of social media (empire) is built upon the concept of competitiveness and it obviously causes a lot of damage (cue: Phil Swift quote). I guess, that whole “born and raised on the internet and produce and consume much of their culture there” bit doesn’t help all that much. We just need to figure out a way to lay off the pressure a little bit.

    But, hey! That tweet you’ve got there claims “People born between 1985 and 1995 are the most unique generation of all time”, which I fall into… Does that mean I’m really unique? Take that millennials! (Yea… I’m really not helping here) I guess when my mom said that I was special, she wasn’t kidding. :p


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