we love stories in this house

Hello friends! For those who had spring break, hope you had a good one. I’m certainly still in vacation mode, so I’m gonna try my best here.

We had a lovely conversation last week about memes and I’m pretty sure that’s the most lengthy and coherent commentary I’ve voluntarily given in a class in years.

Character development or bout of confidence fueled by thoughts of the impending spring break and caffeine? My money’s on the latter.

We also made memes in class! Mine took me foreverand they’re not fantastic… But! C’est la vie.

Anyway, let’s move on.


Two of the DDAs I did this week were DDA288 and DDA284.

For 288, we had to shove a pic of a special place to us through c64 Yourself. I suppose there’s a story behind this one. Last Saturday, I was able to spend the whole day with one of my best friends. Most of the time was spent driving because of course we have to go to the new Korean BBQ place 40 minutes away, then of course we get lost like 6 times, but like, I ain’t mad. It’s our thing. And the sunbeams coming through the clouds as we were driving back home were really pretty. So she took the picture and, with this exact DDA in mind, I wanted the pic too. Because sappy memories and blah blah emo friendship stuff.

Anyway here’s the actual picture:




As for 284.

That’s a rad picture on the DDA post. Real Eldritch horror type stuff. I dig it.

And so I started writing. I probably could’ve attached this to the tweet now that I’ve decided on the format but shrug here we are.

Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 16.01.07.png
It is… as is on brand for me… totally unfinished. I think I like rambling about background story type stuff… then I lost my drive when actual plot stuff started picking up.

Who does actually short short stories? Not I. Not in this house. But yeah! It sounds like it’s gonna be heading in a horror or mystery direction but tbh I was just gonna make it lighthearted and cute. Diner Friend and Leather Jacket were probs gonna go on a date. LJ was probs gonna be like “ur boss has tentacles and ur pies are bloody” and DF will be like “yeah and.” Then like 2 years later they move in together and have a cat.

We love meet-cutes. What fanfic is this.

Maybe I’ll come back to this. Maybe I won’t.

Either way, it was fun to ramble.


5 Meme Story

oof did I struggle with this. Y’know how when you’re told to be creative and you just lose all desire to? Ding :/

I blame spring break.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alrighty. Let’s have a chat about this “story.” Tis the story of a person who goes about their daily life on the internet, blissfully ignorant of the problematic issues all around them. They believe they know what’s up, take basic preventative measures, only to come to a realization that it takes more than just a quick fix to solve the whole problem. With this realization, though, comes another, of how you have to be active to help solve that problem… such as calling your government offices to complain and the link. (Hence the rather personal guess i’ll die meme, as I specifically vehemently dislike talking on the phone.) So I suppose there’s no actual resolution other than a realization that the person has to make a change, and despite their fears and shortcomings, they know they will have to adapt and grow to cause that chance.

And now! Sources.

  1. Distracted Boyfriend – I made this particular meme on imgflip.com!
  2. Surprised Pikachu – this one was made by my lovely classmate and friend (whose blogs you should definitely go read uwu) during class last week, and it’s up on the Somni Porta here!
  3. The Rock Driving – I made this one on imgflip.com, too
  4. Hard to Swallow Pills – same here, made on imgflip.com
  5. Guess I’ll Die – A favorite. My catchphrase. Found this one through its Know Your Meme page (linked earlier)

And… that’ll be it, I think! Forgot that I said I was going to drop a post over the break talking about those two songs……………………………………



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