short, sweet, and (kinda) artsy

Hello hello. Looks like this week we progressed from memes to Art™. Net art. Digital art. Electronic art.

I’m not gonna lie, this will probably be a relatively short post this week, mainly because we didn’t really have a Big Project to work on over the week.

So here I am, with a few DDAs and an anecdote about digital art and electronic literature.

here u go uwu

Let’s get started.

So in class last week we had a lovely chat about digital art, and got to chat with Alex Saum as well as check out her works. The ones we took a look at were really cool and deep, wHEW lemme tell ya. Also, the lecture we had on digital art was pretty interesting, but I never wanna see a hyperrealistic sculpture again. It was like something outta Fullmetal AlchemistFans will know what I’m talking about. Kelli will know what I’m talking about because she pointed it out and… thanks, I hate it :’))))))

All the talk of digital art/net art got me reminiscing about my E-Lit class last semester, about (re)discovering electronic literature and digital media and the endless expanse of its creation. I suppose, for those who weren’t a part of that class, I’d like to just drop some links to the stuff we talked about in that class, to the collection of pieces that we regularly referred to and discussed and analyzed: Collection 1, Collection 2, and Collection 3. Have fun!

Also, I had a flashback to when we made E-Lit pieces at the end of the semester. Mine hasn’t gotten finished yet, but for those curious, here’s a link to the work in progress: On Dark, Dark Nights.

I hope to continue it, plan to do research for it to see how I can make it better. E-Lit is wild and, like “normal” lit, is endless in possibility. Mine is pretty basic in format, but I hope that simplicity aids in the focus on the story and the perspective and the characters.


As for these bois, here’s the ones I did this week:

Does this count as digital art? I could probably figure out some deep meaning to it.

I’m still frustrated that the owl was THERE but then I hecked it up… Maybe I made my owl friend too angry looking? Shoulda gone with a barn owl instead of a horned owl, I guess :/

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, huh. I think my brain is still stuck on spring break. Or like, wants to be back on break. So cue me on Sunday frantically typing like my lil cat friend here, trying to get 10 things done at once.

I got like 7 done, so that’s good. 8 once I get this post up.

So, with that in mind, I think that’ll be all for tonight. Apologies again for it being so short!

Looking forward to chatting more in class!


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