jam (soft “G”) packed

Hello. I am joining you currently several hours later than I originally wished to. Chances are this won’t get up til after midnight.

I’m just gonna say please be kind to your friends on April Fool’s Day. That’s it.

So last week we had a few technical issues but we pretty much had a GIF (hard “G”) party. Just shared a bunch of GIFs we were familiar with. Here’s the posts I made:

So YEAH. That was a fun time. I have a lot more on my phone, haha, so if I ever get the willpower, I’ll add em below just for funsies.

[insert yoongishrug.gif]

[insert seungkwanyell.gif]

[insert hoseokshrug.gif]

[insert yoongigushingabouthisdog.gif]

I… have a particular trend for all the GIFs and memes on my phone… I mean, when you’re neck deep in a fandom that has exuberant amounts of content… You’re gonna wanna use that content for funsies.


Also last week, we took part in two Makes. Not gonna lie, it’s a cool activity title, a Make. Simple, chill, I dig it.

Anyway, the Make we did in class was GIF a Scene in the Digital Alchemists’ Coffee Shop. We each took one of the videos and tried (keyword: tried) using giphy to make GIFs out of them. It was pretty fun speculating what kinda mischief our alchemist friends would get up to in a coffee shop, not gonna lie. Here’s mine, for those interested!

I’m pretty proud of this one, to be honest. I think I’ll be using it in the upcoming weeks.

Ha ha... haaa...


Ah, speaking of those weirdos. We also got to conjure our digital alchemist mentors. I suppose reconjure in my case. Apparently… someone didn’t actually disappear into the void of whatever two years ago and has just been hanging around old libraries surviving on Starbucks dregs and lint. Be kind to her, she’s infuriating but pretty okay if you squint and look real deep down in her cynic soul.

That’s only if she lets you look at her long enough before she swats at you like a cat. And before you ask, no she’s not some kinda cat shapeshifter or cat hybrid type creature. Don’t let the conspicuous beanie fool you, she just has bad bedhead under there.

But anyway, Euphemia Fabulae, everybody.

She wants me to give a PSA that that pic of her is incredibly old and that she will maybe hopefully possibly some day who knows tbh post a new one on that google doc.

Fingers crossed?


Alright! Last bit for the night then this can get sent off into the internet void then I can wash dishes and go to sLEEP.

Honestly, how did the world survive without Venmo? What’d adults do? Always split the check? Take turns paying the whole check? Write checks to each other paying them back if they didn’t have cash? WhEW. Wild.

Also. That Cheesecake Factory is cursed. Our waitress sassed me. I mispronounced my order. I got sick later that night. Cursed, I say.

Next… Well… Remember that one GIF I linked earlier in the post? Here he is as a sprite sheet. I… don’t know what else to day. I love this GIF ok.

And finally, for this one, I said that I would have it in this post, and here we are! So here you go.

The passage I chose for DDA304 is a section of one of my favorite monologues from Hamlet (which, let’s be real, I only like because it was in Coraline). For my translations, I went from English > Spanish > Mongolian > Czech > Portuguese > Japanese > English and here’s the before and after of what I got:


What a piece of work is man, How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty, In form and moving how express and admirable, In action how like an Angel, In apprehension how like a god, The beauty of the world, The paragon of animals.


What is the purpose of the job? For what purpose the teacher has no restrictions, forms and movements. I express this and make him an angel as God’s example, a world of beauty and animals.

Welp. That came out illegible but also somewhat deep I guess.


I’m currently brainstorming ideas for my own suggested DDA posts. Just you wait, they’ll be up for others to do… at some point! Eventually! Yeah!


I’m tired!

I’m gonna crash. G’night, lovely people.


p.s. remember Ravi who I kept mentioning throughout the first NetNarr class’ blogs? guess who’s gonna meet him in person in may uwu


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