DDA SPREE (oh and chattin’ with Euphie)

Welp. Here we are. A blog post put up days early.

Who am I?

I’m stressed is what I am. I’m several days ahead yet way way behind is when I am.

So let’s just move on.

We’ve got a bunch of things to cover today.

Field Guide

You might’ve noticed the post I got up yesterday about the field guide final project. It has pretty much everything there is to be said about where I’m at this week for my part of the guide. Feel free to check it out here.

Euphie & Digital Wellbeing

So it’s no secret I’ve been buddies with this digital alchemist mentor person on Twitter. I’ve talked about her before, but it’s been recent that she’s been more active on Twitter rather than secluding herself in dark corners of library, surviving on Starbucks donations and lint.

Hey, not my fault that she was late to Mirror Mirror portal closing and was too embarrassed to contact me until 2 years later.

Not at all.

So anyway I’ve been starting to share with her some of my ideas for the field guide as well as the articles we were tasked to check out. We took a look at Evan Selinger’s “Can We Be Friends With Robots?” and Euphie made a few notations on the page through hypothesis. I dunno what she wrote but I have a strange feeling that I’ve been slandered.

Regardless, I felt that there were some points made that relate to my field guide topic, so I’ll definitely be returning to this article when working on it.


Alright. Last bit for this week. I went on a DDA spree for no purpose whatsoever.

Nope. None at all.

So for DDA306, I just wanted to address a concern of mine regarding April Fool’s Day. Namely, I hate it. Also, no one is allowed to play an April Fool’s joke on me ever again. Nope. None. Never.

DDA308 turned out to be less like a spell and more like an actual sentence. Only kinda ominous. I wouldn’t mind developing a story out of something like that, to be honest. I guess in that case it kinda ends up being a spell to will a story into existence–

Okay that was cheesy and I hated it we’re moving on.

DDA310 was a callout post for Euphie because she likes to IGNORE ME ever since I broke the mutual with her for like 20 minutes to make a point. But I think I’m getting through to her uwu ❤

We got deep with DDA303. I thought it was interesting, the somewhat connection between 303 and 404. I dunno, I thought it was interesting. And it looked like sOMEONE ELSE THOUGHT SO, TOO, HA– TAKE THAT EUPHEMIA.

Alright, last one. DDA302 was really interesting. I’m gonna bookmark that site that was used, Lunapic. I was surprised to find a free image editor with so many features. I’ll keep it in mind for future projects. If I ever bother with any.

Aaaaaaaaaaand looks like that’s it for this week.

See y’all next time!


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