to bot or not to bot

It’s not a question. I’ll be real, I didn’t make a bot for my alchemist. I’ll attempt to work on that soon, but in the meantime, I’ll make sure to post enough so Euphie seems relatively alive.

Though to be honest I feel like she’s more of a lurker and responder than an active poster. Big shrug.

EDIT: this is euphie. i hacked her account again. she doesn’t know how to close a window. in response to her call out, ahem, she’s one to talk.

I also heard that there were some issues with bot creation, but I’ll certainly give My Best Effort in the upcoming week(s).

So anyway. This is gonna be a relatively short, rant-y post, because life is hard and grad school is harder and lit reviews you haven’t started are hardest.

Let’s take a peek at the DDAs I squeezed in was able to do this week!

Ah yes, the post that sparked the EuphieSooch discourse of the day. Listen, I thought it was clever. Harmless fun.

Now it’s gonna take me twice as long to get Gold Status thanks, Euphie.

EDIT: this is euphie. ur welcome uwu

Alright, not gonna lie, this one was kind of a cop-out. I only saw one episode of Jane the Virgin and honestly? Great show. Gotta watch more of it. (don’t tell my bf he’ll never let me hear the end of it. EDIT: this is euphie. what’s his # i just wanna talk.) Don’t know why Jane likes grilled cheeses so much but like, I can’t fault her.

But anyway.

As for the Field Guide, you can find all the explicit and gritty details of what I wanna accomplish in my other blog post. I’m a little behind on the gathering sources front, but honestly, I’m a little behind on a lot of scholarly things right now, so please bear with me! It’ll all come together in the end, like it always does. It’s That Point in the semester that’s just. A lot of things happening, y’know? Some things gotta be pushed a bit to maintain a semblance of mental well-being. *thumbs up*

thanks for the gif and emma stone for being highkey relatable in easy A

But I digress. I have a general plan of action for the final post, including an exploration of fan culture in general, then the subsection of K-pop fan culture, then a conversational(?) look into my own fan experiences over the years.

I have a good chunk of sources at the moment, but I’m gonna need some more, I think. So! That will be worked on! Some time over the week!

One can only hope.


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