Self-Assessment 2019

This semester has been quiiiiite an interesting one, haha. I started off not even realizing I was taking Netnarr again and ended with a amalgamative journal entry about fandom and K-pop while talking to myself.
We’ve… come a long way, huh.
Regarding new skills, I think this semester I’m most proud of the fact I got my bot, @fab_euphie, working. She ain’t perfect, but she’s functional, and boy if that ain’t the mood of the year. Anyway kudos to Kelli for helping me out with that. I also really liked the DDA that I made up. I don’t think it’s been posted yet, and I don’t wanna spoil anything, so… I won’t! But she’s a good one, in my opinion.
Speaking of DDAs, I feel like most of my creativity came out through those this semester. Just the little fun things that took away from the monotony of the semester. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I’m in the lead for the most DDAs.
Screenshot 2019-05-10 at 16.04.08
Chef’s kiss. Beautiful.
As far as darkness on the internet goes, considering I’m pretty neck-deep in Twitter, I… really wasn’t surprised by the things we talked about. I hope that my attitude towards it at the beginning of the semester wasn’t taken as apathy or despondency, because I do care about the issues regarding internet privacy and safety, there’s just not much that can be done about it, and I feel as though I’m not going to let an issue that I can’t control plague my entire life and attitude towards the internet, y’know?
That was a rant, haha, whoops.
Regarding digital life, I realized over the semester that I’d rather have less of a presence on the internet that I’m unaware of. I want to be able to have control over how I’m portrayed online, so I’m going continue to kind of purge myself from certain online spaces that I don’t frequent anymore. So I’m glad this class taught me how to go about doing that.
I of course had some shortcomings during the semester. I’m sure some of my blog posts weren’t as long as they could’ve been. Also I believe I didn’t end up doing one of the Make Your Own DDAs… I did one of them but not the second one. I’ll see if I can make one up over the next few days before the semester ends, then I’ll update here if I remember.
I’m also a tad worried that I brought back my old alchemist from 2017 rather than making a new one. I thought I spun it interestingly enough, though, that Euphie never really left and was hiding out in the library for two years. I also kind of like how her personality turned out this time around. A lot more snarky than last time.
Also, I can’t say that I was always actively participating in Twitter shenanigans much… or in Hypothesis… I acknowledge the usefulness of them as tools, and did use them throughout the semester, but not as actively as I’m sure others did.
I think, overall, I did okay this semester. It was rough, particularly towards the end due to personal reasons, but in the end it was rewarding, both on an educational and social level.
Looking forward to working with my classmates again next semester!

One comment

  1. Thanks for doing another round of netnarr, whether it was intended or not, hah! You bring such great energy and interest to the things you do in class. And there’s little to apologize for not having long blog posts; like I remember from the first class, the voice and character you bring to them always make them a joy to read.

    The way you (and @fab_euphie) assembled the field guide was absolutely the way I had hoped students could bring to their writing, I was fully immersed into the story and deep into the land of kpop fan/stan-dom I had no experience with. Keep on that path of interes!

    Best of luck in your your next year in the program.


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